What Is Video Production?

Do you know what video production is and the main benefits and advantages that video production brings? You might know the term but maybe you’re not too familiar about it.

In general video production means the making of a video. The making of a video goes in various steps which are, finding an idea, writing a script, shooting, editing, effects or graphics and sound editing.

These steps are generally ordered in three different categories: pre-production (conceptualizing an idea and the writing of a script), production (the actual shooting or recording) and post-production (the video editing, sound editing and effects).

The meaning of video production however, might vary from one field to the other.

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Video production for internet marketers

This time I will give tips that will be found very valuable by internet marketers looking for producing and promoting video as a medium for supporting their business.

In the internet marketing world, you often hear that “content is king”. But being more specific, probably the right statement is “video content is king”.

Therefore it is more crucial and important to know what video production is and what video production can do to support your business, regardless of you having an online or offline business. Why is it that video content is king and why is it more important than ordinary content such as textual web content or document content?

Why video production?

The reason is because people are more interested and simply easier entertained when seeing a show in the form of video, whether it’s online promotional video or other videos. So the result will be also faster in percentage sales increase and sales conversion.

Video is the best way to make an impact on your audience, to tell stories, to make them care about an issue, to empathize with a person or cause, to make them aware of a product, or to show them something on how to do something, or even just to make them interested enough to learn about a subject in more depth.

what is video production money

Video does not present the facts and figures, large amounts of complex information or arguments. Film and video evoke emotion rather than rational response.

Look at the gamers who buy a package of games immediately after they see the latest preview through a global marketing network that uses video. Millions of Euros can be achieved only by promoting the game through a video that has a duration less than 10 Minutes. It is the best and fastest way to make money online.

Ask the right questions

Maybe you are thinking about making a video production for your business right now? Here are some key questions you should ask yourself to ensure that you will get the video production that will work for you: Why do you want to make a video production? what is the purpose of the video? Always use the video in conjunction with other media to convey your message. Put up a web page or even a micro site where people can find out more about the product that has been seen in the video.

Video production is related to communicating. Too often it happens that in certain videos, the company’s message gets lost because they try to put too much information into the video. Be realistic and think about what effect you want from your audience after they watch your video. Ask yourself what the effect of the video will be after people get to see it? Do you want them to immediately go and buy your product or do you want to modify their behavior in a certain way or do you just want to raise awareness about an issue or a service that is available?

When it is clear to you what effect you want from your audience, then you should be able to clearly define the message in the video production process. If you want to try to convince people to do something, you have to ask yourself: what are the obstacles for them taking this action right now, how can I overcome these barriers by using video?

Try and be realistic about how much information you want to put in your message. Be focused. If you are very clear about what you want to achieve, it will be quite easy to isolate the key message of the video. After you have clearly defined your message, you will also have to clearly define who your audience is that you want to reach with that message.

Each particular message has a different target audience. It might be worthwhile to make different video productions to reach different audiences.

The technical part of video production

The technical part of video production is something you will have to either master or outsource, or maybe both. Writing down an idea, simple filming and basic editing is something that you can easily learn. Although more complex video production can be necessary in some fields or for certain means.

what is video production editing

Video production always starts with an idea, followed by making a plan and then deciding what you can do yourself or were you need some help from professionals. Don’t be afraid to outsource, a well-produced video will eventually boost your profits.

If you have more questions on video production, I would certainly love to hear about them.

About the author
Rebekka Deforce is the owner of magicmediaforce.com. Working over 18 years in the audiovisual sector and developed a great passion for internet marketing, she now helps on- and offline businesses to get magnificent conversion results through video marketing and social media marketing. She also loves to help people with the technical aspect of the video production process.
Likando Muliokela

Likando Muliokela

on 09 Dec 2015

Hallo, Greetings. I am media practitioner, media trainer and media advocate with 30 years plus experience intending to start training in video production short courses in my country Zambia, Africa. I have found your materials on the same very helpful. I would like to thank you and would ask for more assistance as I progress in my ambition. Best regards

Damian Smith

Damian Smith

on 30 Aug 2019

Thanks for this cool article about video production. It’s good to know that people are coming up with new ways to apply specific business objectives into videos. This seems very ideal, especially to get multiple messages across in different forms of media.

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