Live Video Webcasting

Broadcasting live on your website can be a great marketing tool, or just fun to do :-)

Live shows, webinars, concerts, conferences sport events,… If you have an internet connection and a camera you can make it happen!

If you sign up to Ustream you can start webcasting right away, the service is free and easy to use. You create an account, connect your camera or webcam and microphone to your computer and you share your channel’s link with your friends/colleagues/audience.

The cons of Ustream are the advertising that regularly pops into your screen. Besides that it’s safe and sound and a great way to have live interaction with your audience. The chat box on your channel makes it possible to have instant comments or questions visible to you and to the people watching.

They also have an application for Ipod/Iphone so you can broadcast or watch from any place.

Be sure to check out Ustream Producer (windows & mac) which enables you to record your live broadcasts and gives you the options to stream music, video, pictures or your desktop. You can start a small television channel right from your desk.

If you want to broadcast live with a little more of a professional approach straight on to your website, you have a wide choice of providers like StreamCity or Onstream or many more to be found on the web. Sure these companies will charge you for their services.

If you regularly broadcast live, it would be nice to leave your link below so we can check up on your channel.
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