How To Create An Audio Book

What is an audio book?

An audio book is a book or course that consists of mp3 files. You can listen to them on your computer or mp3 player or burn them onto cd’s.

Listening to an audio book is an great way to learn something new when you have no possibility, or you don't feel to read.  I like to listen to them when I’m in the car or when I’m training in the fitness room. Also when I’m standing in a cue or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, I feel I can spend my time useful by listening to an audio book.

Especially “coaching” audio courses do really well, like guided meditations or sport guidance, but anything is possible really.

How to create an audio book?

Naturally you first have to write a book or a course. Make a table of contents or divide into chapters anyway. You want to make a different mp3 for each new topic or part from the course or book.  I would keep each mp3 file under 10 minutes for usability purposes. Also people tend to get discouraged when they have to listen to 30 minutes mp3 files ;-)

Once you have that done you can start the recording process. A simple voice recorder will do or a USB microphone that you connect with your computer.

You do need an audio editing program or a video editing program that you use just for sound.

If you don’t have one already installed on your computer and you are not intending to purchase one, I would recommend downloading Audacity. Simply because it is free and it works well.

You use the audio software for recording and neatly clipping your mp3’s. Look for a catchy intro tune and if required some music and jingles. Also fill in the tags like artist name and chapter because people will get to see them on their iPods.

When the editing is done you export everything into mp3 files and you provide them online for downloading or you can burn them onto cd’s and sell cd boxes. I would recommend to present downloadable files though, as people can easily burn cd’s themselves these days and there is no shipping involved in downloading.

For a professional look, make a nice cover for your audio book. You can use Cover Action Pro to do that (if you can find your way around Photoshop) or simply ask a graphic designer to make one for you.
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