Boost Your YouTube Marketing Results
14 november 2011 
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Boost Your YouTube Marketing Results

YouTube is one of best ways to market your product or brand and to generate more traffic to your website or blog. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and not taking advantage of its marketing abilities would be a major waste.

Some of YouTube’s channels get more viewers than your daily soap opera on TV and brands shift their advertising ways more and more to Internets most popular broadcasting portal.

Posting a video that scores hundreds of thousands of views would be an ideal way to attract a lot of people and transfer them to your website, but it isn’t always as easy to create a video like that.

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Viral YouTube videos

Most of the time, these popular kind of videos are viral, because people post them on social media or tell their friends about it, because these videos are so funny, for instance remember the sneezing panda, laughing baby or the Chinese backstreet boys?

Then you have the kind of people that take advantage of a popular keyword or trend, like a photo collage on a song from Lady Gaga or a video compilation of a popular TV show, like they do with America’s Idol or other trending programs.

Taking advantage of other peoples popular videos or channels is another way to promote your website and in some cases this can be really useful. Like posting an interesting comment on a popular video can make people get curious and click on your channel. Posting a video response to one’s channel makes this technique even more effective.

Address your target audience

Using any of the above techniques most certainly will guarantee you a lot of traffic, although it is not said that you will attract a lot of costumers. When selling car seat covers, the chances are pretty small that your target audience is looking for a Lady Gaga video.

To practice effective YouTube marketing, your focus should lie on creating compelling videos for your audience.  These videos should be helpful for your clients and address their needs. How-to videos, interviews, video tutorials and frequently asked questions are videos that can score well and will lead to more sales.

Make sure people can find your videos

Clients and prospects should be able to find your videos in YouTube and in Google. YouTube is owned by Google and Google shows videos on the first page of the search results. Another way to become number one in Google 😉

Tips for making your videos findable

  • Title. One of the most important things. Make a really descriptive title so that people looking for your content can easily find you. Put your targeted keywords in the first few words of the title.
  • Description. Start the description of your video with a full URL to your website or blog. Then put as much information as you can in the description and be generous with targeted keywords. More is in this case definitely more. Multiple URL’s throughout the description is surely possible.
  • Tags. Include any and all related keywords in the tags field.
  • Be active. Reply to every comment, start conversations, comment on other peoples videos. More interaction results into a higher ranking in YouTube as also the amount of subscribers and “likes” will affect your videos visibility.
  • Call to action in your videos. Ask people to comment or to click on your link. People will do so more if you ask them nicely.

Use Annotations

Use the annotations editor in YouTube to create clickable “fields” in your videos where you can “call to action” and link to other videos or a channel! Ckick here if you want to find out how to create annotations. A very important feature for YouTube marketing!

Use other Social Media.

  • Make a new blog. Every time you post a new video, create a new (keyword rich) blog around it on your website. This will increase the chances of your video being found in a search.
  • Post it on Facebook. By doing that you can reach a big audience, people will possibly share your video and you will get a higher EdgeRank (that means that you will show up more often in your friends “top news” stream I will possibly write  blog on that later)
  • Sharing your link on Twitter or Google+  is also a way to reach a bigger audience and Google certainly sees those links.


If you’re a comedian, GREAT! Post funny videos, because they still score best on YouTube. If not, create content that brings value to your audience. People do come back if you offer them quality and it’s the only way to make sure they actually watch your whole video. YouTube marketing is about adding value through videos not only about getting the most hits.

Implying the tips of this blog can really boost your YouTube marketing results.

It would be super if you would share your thoughts on this one and leave a comment.

To finish up I would like to show you a few of the most legendary and popular videos on YouTube I really enjoyed watching. 🙂

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]



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