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Ninja YouTube Marketing Tips #2

ninja youtube marketing tips

O yeah, the second tip in the ninja YouTube marketing tips series has arrived and I bet you didn’t even see it coming :)

Implementing this ninja tip will transfer people from your YouTube channel to your website like nobody’s business.

You want to enlist these people in your newsletter, right? Or at least get some extra website traffic through your YouTube channel?  Continue reading »

Ninja YouTube Marketing Tips #1

Ninja YouTube Marketing Tips 1

I decided to put up a series with ninja YouTube marketing tips.

These ninja YouTube marketing tips are highly effective techniques for all of you who post videos on YouTube and want more views, higher YouTube ranking, higher Google ranking, more views, better viewer retention, more AdSense income from your YouTube videos and more sales.

Most of you guys are missing out on a big part of the money making potential that YouTube offers, and even though it’s not hard at all to become a YouTube ninja marketer, you have to know
the right things to do and you have to actually do them. :)  Continue reading »

How To Podcast? – All About Podcasting

how to podacast podcasting

Your own radio station that plays the songs that you like, interviews with cool people, your own stories, songs, poems, thoughts shared with the world. The craziest idea… Or not?

By podcasting this all became possible, your own radio show or audiobooks.

In this post I will explain to you what podcasting is, how you can subscribe to podcasts and how to create and market your own podcasts. Continue reading »

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