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How To Podcast? – All About Podcasting

how to podacast podcasting

Your own radio station that plays the songs that you like, interviews with cool people, your own stories, songs, poems, thoughts shared with the world. The craziest idea… Or not?

By podcasting this all became possible, your own radio show or audiobooks.

In this post I will explain to you what podcasting is, how you can subscribe to podcasts and how to create and market your own podcasts. Continue reading »

Best Ways For Ripping Blu-ray Movies

rip blu-ray movies

It’s relatively easy to copy movies from a dvd onto your pc with this free program called Handbrake. Sadly, it almost never recognizes blu-ray discs.

Also very heavy copy protection can make ripping blu-ray discs a huge hassle.

So time for some hassle-free solutions for ripping blu-ray movies to your computer, external hard disc, or to play them on your iPad. Continue reading »

Handy Tools To Tune Your Computer Monitor

tune your computer monitor

When you are like me, sitting behind your computer several hours a day, you might want to tune your computer monitor a bit. You sure can make it a lot easyer on the eyes.

On most computer monitors, you can manually adjust the brightness and contrast, and on the keyboard of any modern laptop you will find the option to manually set the brightness of the screen.

In addition, there are some handy tools that give you extra capabilities to tune your computer monitor.

I tested some of these for you. Continue reading »

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