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Ninja YouTube Marketing Tips #2

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Ninja YouTube Marketing Tips #2

O yeah, the second tip in the ninja YouTube marketing tips series has arrived and I bet you didn’t even see it coming 🙂

Implementing this ninja tip will transfer people from your YouTube channel to your website like nobody’s business.

You want to enlist these people in your newsletter, right? Or at least get some extra website traffic through your YouTube channel? 

Click da link below, pretty please with sugar on top, used to be the way to go, but that isn’t working so well anymore these days.

Although “call to actions” are still necessary and highly effective, a ninja doesn’t sit around and wait for people to click on his website link in the description box.

How to make people click your website link?

First and for all, for this tip to work, you have to make some pretty awesome videos to begin with.

You want your videos packed with valuable information in your niche or market so viewers dig your information and really want to know what you have to say.

Then you can say in your video, for the final tip/technique/step,… click the link below in the description box to go to my website where you can find/read/download this final tip/technique/step,…

This technique works wonders in the information marketing business.

If you are in some other kind of business, you could consider offering something for free on your website.

For example you could say in your video: For a free sample/free ebook/free audio file/free course/ free gift,.. click the link below in the description box to go to my website.

You’ll be amazed with the traffic results and this can work for any industry.

You could also ask people to opt-in to your email list before they receive this final tip or free gift.

Just keep in mind not to sell anything in these kind of videos, just be honest and offer people value. People will trust you this way.

The Magic Ninja Formula: Offering value in your video + provide even MORE value on your website + put a (clickable) link to your website in de video’s description box = TRAFFIC

Magic Sound FXPlease share this post on twitter, facebook or Google+ and leave a comment below at the bottom of the blog in the blog comments section (not the Facebook comments) to say that you did.

I will mail you in return a download link to this collection of Magic Sound FX. This is a mixed collection of 200 natural- and cartoonish sound fx that you can use to spice up your videos.

I will send the download link to the email adress that you fill in in the “email field ” when posting the comment.

You would really help me out by doing so. Thank you.

Rebekka Deforce



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11 thoughts on “Ninja YouTube Marketing Tips #2

By Leonard Caplan on 19 January 2015

If you have a YouTube channel, this is valuable information you shouldn’t do without!!

By Rebekka Deforce on 19 January 2015

Thank you Leonard, your free sound effects are on their way 😉

By Wouter on 19 January 2015

I really like your style, Rebekka, as I like your tips. Tip one was great and I will try number two as well. Looking forward to the other ones!

By Rebekka Deforce on 20 January 2015

Thank you so much Wouter for the compliment. I’ll mail you some free sound effects right away.

By Philippe Kenens on 20 January 2015

just shared this valuable Ninja YouTube Marketing post on Google+ …

By Rebekka Deforce on 20 January 2015

Thank you heaps Philippe! Your free gift is in your mail box.

By Ron on 16 November 2018

Yes I totally agree having amazing videos is hard to do but again does drive in the traffic

By Digital Review on 26 October 2020

Thank you so much sir. what is the best tools for youtube??

By Tools Review on 29 November 2020

It is an amazing article and I am a regular reader on your article I really appreciate it thank you so much share with us and good work keep it up.

By Need Explore on 23 December 2020

great article, absolutely agree. Thanks Paul for your nice step and keep it up. Also thanks for nice post.

By Taylor Johnson on 11 September 2021

Great tips and advice on this one! Offering free incentives and increasing YouTube traffic can have a huge impact on business! I don’t think YouTube is EVER going down.

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