Your Pictures In A Flashy Slideshow
06 december 2012 

Your Pictures In A Flashy Slideshow

On the internet you will find plenty of tools to convert your digital pictures into a slideshow that you can post on YouTube or your website.

I’ll talk you through some great tools to make a dazzling photo presentation. 

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Bolide Slideshow Creator converts your digital photographs in a beautiful presentation. This tool offers you dozens of transitions and effects.

Bolide slideshow creator is totally free and available in 7 languages. It is a tool, that you will have to download and install on your hard drive.

First you’ll choose the pictures that you want to use for your slideshow. Those can be a combination of different formats. You can decide yourself how long each picture has to show and which transitions you want to use between the different pictures.

You can choose a simple “cross fade” or a more dynamic “explosion wipe”. Also very cool here are the effects. There is the “pan and zoom” effect that will act as a virtual camera to slide over your photographs. It is really easy to use, you choose the beginning and end point of the camera movement and you can always see a preview first of the chosen effect or transition.

Add Audio And Text

Bolide Slideshow CreatorOf course is it also possible to add audio to your presentation as well as text. You can not choose how long the text exactly has to show, which I find a minor flaw. The text is always shown just as long as the picture, what can be quite inconvenient in some cases.

There is a timeline in the software for the editing which is super handy. You simply drag all photos, audio and transitions to the timeline.

When your slideshow is ready, Bolide Slideshow Creator will create a video file in a format you like *.avi or *.wmv. You can even create full HD files (1920x1080px) but you can create smaller formats as well for mobile devices.

The final slideshow can also be shared instantly through social networks.

Alternative Slideshow Creators

PhotoFilmStrip is another program for creating a picture slideshow. The pictures you import appear in a film strip in which you can rearrange or rotate the pictures.

Adding text, transitions and audio is also possible.

When you are happy with your slideshow, you can export as a video file and choose one of the many presets. Also full HD exports possible here.

PhotoFilmStrip is very easy to use although Bolide Slideshow creator is slightly more extensive.

Slideshow Cloud Solutions

If you rather don’t install any software on your hard disc, you can consider an online tool.

Great tools to use are PhotoSnack and Prezi. They do not support full HD export formats though.

If you know of any other great tools to create cool photo slideshows, please let us know in the comments.



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