The Most Wicked Twitter Tool
12 november 2012 

The Most Wicked Twitter Tool

Are you up for a wicked Twitter tool? Sunny Monday mornings, rainy Saturday evenings, any time is good Twitter time!

I have my tweeps nicely ordered in lists and columns, using TweetDeck. It’s a wonderful tool for managing your interests, hash-tag keywords, closest friends and business peers.

Without my TweetDeck I would be totally lost in the thousands of tweets populating my twitter stream, so if you ain’t using it yet, try it! It’s great stuff and free.

Nevertheless without realizing, afterusing Twitter for quite a while, I’ll notice more and more tweeps around spamming, only posting links to who knows what kind of dogy sites and people who you follow but didn’t post a thing in the last 8 months.

wicked twitter tool

As I do enjoy a good laugh, some playful interaction, updates from new interesting blog posts, good information or just some casual chatter, I often find myself quite annoyed with Twitter wall polluters and other vermin.

Update: Twit Cleaner shut down! To bad, I hope they will re-open soon!

Twit Cleaner

While browsing the web for handy tools, I stumbled upon this heavenly twitter tool: Twit Cleaner.

The blessed Twitter tool basically makes a scan of all the people you are following and it provides you with a detailed report. Easy enough to find out who is a waste of  Twitter wall space.

Hence the summary of the people I do follow:

best twitter tools summary

This summary at least gives you some curious statistics, but the good stuff is that below that summary you’ll see the names and profile pictures of all the people who fall in the mentioned categories.

Rather detailed statistics are provided per tweep and you can click the pictures of those you want to unfollow. Sayonara spammers!

I wont place a picture of that feature here for obvious reasons.

A nice feature that this tool provides is the function: How do I look to Twit Cleaner?

You’ll get a scan of your own Twitter behavior here, and some tips for improvement.

best twitter tools - how do I look

I know I’m pretty awesome ;) but I do realize my twitter behavior also could be better, never really gave it much thought in the past.

So don’t hesitate and clean out your twitter stream. I sure cleansed out mine and I will clean out more the next couple of days. People that don’t interact are gone as are the ones that talk way to much. And the egg heads… the awful egg heads…




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Rebekka Deforce is the owner of Working over 18 years in the audiovisual sector and developed a great passion for internet marketing, she now helps on- and offline businesses to get magnificent conversion results through video marketing and social media marketing. She also loves to help people with the technical aspect of the video production process.
Si Dawson

Si Dawson

on 19 Nov 2012

Thanks for your enthusiastic summary of Twit Cleaner, Rebekka! I'm glad you found it so useful - and yep, that's exactly why I created it - all the noise on Twitter was driving me absolutely bonkers. Oh, also? cute video. hehe. Si Dawson [Twit Cleaner creator]

Rebekka Deforce

Rebekka Deforce

on 19 Nov 2012

Thanks Si ;)

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