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Video Testimonials

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Video Testimonials

In this post I will talk about video testimonials.

Nothing adds more credibility to your service or products than a third party recommendation.

I am a firm believer that video is one of the best, low cost marketing tools available at the moment and it has proved itself very effective on the internet.

Without that third party credibility, your marketing strategy is just talk to your costumers.

Nowadays, people try to avoid marketing trickery on the internet more than ever because most customers have been burned before.

So why not combine the power and credibility of costumer testimonials with video?

Where To Use Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials can be super effective on your sales pages, op-tin pages or your home website.

You could also include video testimonials in your sales videos,squeeze videos, or video blog.

A video testimonial from a person, with no intention to sell, can be as effective as family’s or friends’ advice.

How To Get Video Testimonials?

 1. Ask

Video Testimonials

Simply ask your costumers to get in front of their web cam or pocket cam and record their honest opinion of your service or product.

You could offer a bonus, discount or free product to encourage them sending you a video file.

This is, in my opinion the simplest and most effective way to get video testimonials.

2. Shoot It

If you are the kind of person that organizes events, courses or seminars, it would be a great idea to set up a camera in a corner and kindly ask people to give a short reaction.

Don’t worry about the quality, customers are more interested in what is said than the quality of the image, and also, an imperfect look can even give a more genuine feel.


One short word of advice here: Never “buy” testimonials or ask people to record fake video testimonials. This gets all to obvious and once discovered, you will lose your credibility completely.

People are looking for the genuine costumer experience and that experience could give your service the necessary credibility.

Rebekka Deforce

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2 thoughts on “Video Testimonials

By Henk van der Wijk on 22 September 2012

very useful tips Rebekka! Divine testimonials, that is what we are looking for!

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