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Video SEO For Your Blog

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Video SEO For Your Blog

Video SEO is an important part of search engine optimization.

In this video I will talk about how you can optimize your video blogs so they will score high in the search results.

Video transcript

Today I am going to talk about video SEO.

A lot of people ask me, when they are putting videos on their blog, how can they still rank well in the search engines.

When you are writing a blog, Google will pick up the key words and people will find you through the key words in Google, but when you are just embedding a video on your blog, you will not be found by the key words.

Google will pick up your video though, but you will not be found by the keywords you are talking about.

So you can solve this by making a transcript of your video, you just write down the words of what you are talking about in your video and you post the text under your video on your blog.

This way Google will pick up your video in the search engine and it will also pick up your text, so you also will be found by the key words in your text, and this has another advantage, your visitors either have the choice to watch your video or to read the text.

This way everybody’s happy 🙂

Video Seo For Your Blog

Rebekka Deforce



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3 thoughts on “Video SEO For Your Blog

By Michiel on 2 September 2012

Thank you for this TIP!

By Raj Srivastav on 3 September 2012

Great Tips for increase the video visibility on Search engines. Captiontube is great to help for make transcript

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