Training Employees Using Web Videos
20 maart 2013 

Training Employees Using Web Videos

Training employees or virtual assistants using web videos is still a quite new phenomenon, but also a very interesting one, because this kind of training method has proven itself very effective and low in cost.

Creating web videos for training employees can be essential these days for the business that hires employees to telecommute from home or for the entrepreneur outsourcing to virtual assistants.

You can create one video that can be viewed by all employees directly on the business’ website.

More and more companies are trying to walk this road when it comes to training their employees, we live in a YouTube world where people take in information in 2 to 5minute bits of video or web based content. We should expect employees to look for information delivered the same way at work.

There are many benefits to using a web video for training employees:

Less Time Training, More Time Working

For starters, most people tend to respond better something that is visual. If you send out a training newsletter or place a page on your website for training that is text, you have the risk of some of your employees not reading the whole text or skimming over something that is important.

With a web video, they will use their auditory and visual senses to learn.

You can also take the time within the video to emphasize on key points that need to be addressed without risking employees skimming over this.

Not only may an employee skim over something that is important when using text instructions, but your employees are probably busy people and a video can simply convey more information quicker.

This means less time training and more time working.

Your video can also show screenshots and  visual demonstrations step by step to ensure that your employees see exactly how to do a specific job.

Cost Effective

By using a web video for training employees, you can cut down on the costs as well. Training employees with online web videos

When you bring your employees in to the office to train them, you will have to pay someone to train them and pay your employees for the time they spend training.

In addition, web videos can stay on the website to allow employees to keep coming back to watch the videos as many times as they need to.

This is something that your employees cannot do if they were trained face to face in an office.

You only have to create the training once and it can be used over and over again, by as many employees as needed.

Creating A Web Video Training

For the creation of web videos for training, you have the following options.

You can create the training videos in house, thus having greater control over the video production process or you can contract out and have a professional video production company create the videos for you.

Both have upsides and downsides to them. When creating your own training web videos, you do have more control over the production. The downside is, do you want to undertake this project yourself? and do you have the time and the skills to do so?

For contracting out the production of the videos, the advantage is that it all will be done very professionally but it will sure cost you money to do so.

So look at the upsides and downsides before deciding but remember you do have options.

Doing the part of the production yourself and outsourcing most of the post production is the road in between that can ensure you the content of the videos is controlled but they still get a professional package. This is something you can talk about with the video production company assisting you.

You are really only limited by your imagination when creating an online video training for your employees.

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Rebekka Deforce

About the author
Rebekka Deforce is the owner of Working over 18 years in the audiovisual sector and developed a great passion for internet marketing, she now helps on- and offline businesses to get magnificent conversion results through video marketing and social media marketing. She also loves to help people with the technical aspect of the video production process.


on 20 Mar 2013

Hoi Rebecca, Is absoluut een interesant item. Laat me maar meer weten m.b.t. dit soort info wat er allemaal mogelijk is. Ben ter uitbreiding van mijn website altijd geintereseerd in dit soort items. Groet, Henk Theunissen

Rebekka Deforce

Rebekka Deforce

on 20 Mar 2013

Thank you Henk, I might go deeper into the subject in future. But remember, anything is possible! btw, your website is looking good!

Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy

on 13 Feb 2014

Web videos are very effective in providing training or to educate the employees. With the help of web video we can save a lot of time which we waste in meetings and it will be more cost effective as well. It is very important that the web video should be effective and easily understandable so that the employee can easily learn the things. In my opinion hiring a professional video company for such training web videos will be very effective as they will give you a better video production service in quick time. Do not forget that a wrong produced video may reduce the employ's interest on the training subject. Thanks a lot for sharing such informative post with us.

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