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Handy Tools To Tune Your Computer Monitor

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Handy Tools To Tune Your Computer Monitor

When you are like me, sitting behind your computer several hours a day, you might want to tune your computer monitor a bit. You sure can make it a lot easyer on the eyes.

On most computer monitors, you can manually adjust the brightness and contrast, and on the keyboard of any modern laptop you will find the option to manually set the brightness of the screen.

In addition, there are some handy tools that give you extra capabilities to tune your computer monitor.

I tested some of these for you.


ScreenBright  is a very simple program that gives you a number of sliders with which to adjust the screen characteristics, including brightness, contrast, color and warmth.

This freeware tool does not require installation; just download, and it’s ready to start.

Unfortunately, it has a somewhat crappy layout.

Please note! This program is not compatible with evry type of monitor.

Display Tuner

Display Tuner does have to be installed, but this tool is small, efficient and free. With this, it’s possible to adjust the brightness, contrast and resolution, among other things.

Tip: You can save multiple “profiles” – e.g. for night work, for your desk with artificial light, for watching movies… – and these link directly to handy “hotkeys”.

Note: Display Tuner also lets you customize the sound and the volume of your speakers.

Computer Monitor Brightness Reducer

Monitor Brightness Reducer is a bit older and very compact tool with which you can quickly adjust the brightness of your screen.

Caution! In my test, Monitor Brightness Reducer used an annoyingly high amount of RAM memory on our PC.

tools to tune your computer monitor


Your computer screen is designed to be as bright and clear as possible. Thus, if you sometimes work late at night, then you’re actually looking at artificial daylight.

Over time, that can disturb your biological clock, with possible consequences of burning eyes, headaches and sleep problems.

The free program f.lux  – which after a long beta period is now finally available in a stable version – can help.

It automatically matches the color warmth of your screen to the time of day. As a result, the lighting in the evening is softer, and it’s brighter during the day.

This results in a somewhat yellow glow, but it works well. Regular breaks remain necessary though.

After the quick installation, f.lux sits in the system tray of your PC. In my test, I had to specify my location (because the tool takes into account the time zone in which it is located).

With a click on the Change Settings button, I was able to set my location.

To do so, I had to manually copy and paste my coordinates. That’s somewhat cumbersome, but once that’s done, you don’t need to even look at this tool again, although you can customize some settings.

Rebekka Deforce


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6 thoughts on “Handy Tools To Tune Your Computer Monitor

By Henk van der Wijk on 10 December 2013

I often wonder and never understand what happens in your brain to come up with such remarkable solutions. Gonna give it a try with one of the mentioned tools at least.

Thank you Rebekka!

By Michiel Van Nessen on 10 December 2013

Yeah, Google tends to be (a) Big Brother 😉
Never the less: “Your info/research is awsome!”
Thanks Rebekka!

By Henk van der Wijk on 10 December 2013

F.lux on my screen is a real treat for the eyes when working with artificial light.
Freakin’ awesome Rebekka!

By Matthew on 11 December 2013

Great post! Clever 🙂 Mine was further off than I imagined! Thanks for sharing

By Rebekka Deforce on 12 December 2013

Thanks all above for your kind comments. Glad I can be of some help.

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