The AIDA Formula In Video Marketing
30 mei 2012 

The AIDA Formula In Video Marketing

The AIDA formula is an acronym used in marketing and advertising. It is the magic formula to grab the prospect costumer’s attention, to raise their interest, to increase their desire and to lead them towards taking action (purchasing).

The Aida formula is often used for successful copy writing but few marketers realize that the AIDA formula is as effective in video marketing.

Try using the AIDA formula, for instance, when making a video for your sales page.


AIDA formula for higher sales conversions

Another way to put it is: Problem – Agitate – Solution – Call to Action. You mention the problem of your possible client, you agitate it by telling your story that is similar to the client’s experience and then you provide the solution or the ideal situation or lifestyle that your solution will bring. Then of course you have to tell them what to do – call to action!

Try to keep your video short (maximum 2 minutes) if the video is longer than 2 minutes, you might lose the interest of your prospects or they might not bother to watch it at all.

So keep it to the point and follow the AIDA formula as a guide line through your presentation video.


Preferably start your video by grabbing the prospects attention. The viewer will decide after a few seconds to keep watching your video or to move on to the next one. This means that it’s very important to start with an attention grabbing sentence that states the viewer’s problem.

If the viewer experiences the same problem, he will recognize that and that will trigger him to keep watching. You have attracted his attention.

You can try one of the following sentences:

  1. Do you have this problem___?
  2. Are you looking for a___?
  3. Are you tired of___?
  4. Do you wish this pain would stop___?
  5. Have you ever___?

As an example, let’s say that you sell mosquito nets. You could start your first sentence with: “Are you tired of waking up 12 times a night from aggressive mosquito buzzing around your head?” or you could say “Do you want to find out how I never got an itchy mosquito bite again?”

By stating the problem, you will put a finger on a wound and this your viewer will feel. The attention is there, so let’s move on to the next part.

Video production tip: To grab the attention it could be helpful to use a close up shot for this part. A close shot will increase the drama and so increase the attention grabbing.


Now you have to arouse more interest in your prospect so that he remains fascinated. In the attention part it was important to put a finger on the wound, now in the interest part it’s important to stir in that wound.

If you really want to convert your viewer into a costumer, he has to feel enough pain. When one feels enough pain, he will buy anything to avoid that pain or relieve that pain.

You can make make that pain more real by telling a story that you experienced, so the prospect costumer will recognize himself in you. When he recognizes himself in you, you create a connection and by creating a connection you enlarge the feeling of trust.

You can try one of the following sentences:

  1. Just like you, I had this problem___
  2. I’ve tried dozens of ___ and nothing worked
  3. I had this problem___and I was tired of___

When we look at the example of the mosquito nets, you could say: I was so tired of waking up each night with angry buzzing in my ears and just lying there, scratching the rest of the night away. When I got out of bed the next morning, my face and arms were red and I could barely keep my eyes open. I knew it was going to be a very long summer… or something like that.

Video production tip: For the interest part you can use wider shots. You can also show illustrating pictures here with a voice over. Just keep it dynamic.


Now that the costumer feels that pain and has the connection with you, it is time raise his desire by stating all the benefits of your product.

By summarizing the benefits and solutions that your product offers, the prospect costumer will get the outlook of pleasure. This should create an eager desire in your prospect to buy the product.

You can try one of the following sentences: The Aida Formula - Desire

  1. You can get this benefit and that benefit
  2. Easy, fast, cheap, affordable, reliable, outstanding,…

In case of the mosquito nets we could say something like:

I offer you:

  • Peaceful evenings in your room
  • Long undisturbed nights of sleep
  • No itchy and scratchy show anymore
  • A high quality net in any color you desire
  • Today ordered, delivered tomorrow

Video production tip: For the desire part you could count the benefits on your fingers and use a technique like jump cut editing. Illustrating pictures are also an option here.


Yeeees I want this product!
This is the point where your prospect is ready to buy your product. Now you only have to tell him what to do.

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. click here to order now

The action step is not to be overlooked, as strange as it may seem, people won’t click the “instant access” button if you don’t tell them to.

Video production tip: You could point with your finger towards the “buy now” button.
Don’t forget that when you are recording in front of the camera that you have to point in the opposite direction.

Try the AIDA formula in your next sales video. It will be easier to write your script and I’m positive that it will lead to higher conversions.

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