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The “5 Ways To” Method To Keep You More Focussed On Your Business

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The “5 Ways To” Method To Keep You More Focussed On Your Business

Keeping your focus on your business can be quite a challenge. I sure know it is for me.

So many idea’s, so many things to do and plenty of distractions on- and offline.

Today I’ll be sharing some advice for you from a young, successful entrepreneur from Amsterdam: Eelco De Boer.

Eelco has been my main source of inspiration to start my own online business and since 2007 I try to implement all his advice and knowledge into my own life.

Not only did he (amongst others) learn me everything there is to know about internet marketing, he also showed me some sound ways to increase focus and productivity in my professional activities and personal life.

In this video Eelco will share a great tip for keeping your focus when starting up a business or when working on a particular project.

If you speak Dutch you can follow Eelco on his blog if you don’t you can too but you won’t understand a thing he’s saying 😉

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8 thoughts on “The “5 Ways To” Method To Keep You More Focussed On Your Business

By J. Zwaan on 10 August 2012

Nice to hear Eelco in English. Good luck Rebecca, maybe I will contact you someday.

By Rebekka Deforce on 10 August 2012

Thank you J. Zwaan.
Yes Eelco’s Dutch – American accent sounds really cute 😉

You can contact me any time.

By Henk van der Wijk on 10 August 2012

“Focus” is not the same as “knowing how to start a successful business”.
For me, the core of every business is
– providing a solution
– to a well known and described target audience and
– knowing how to get in touch and communicate with that target audience.

Once you have these three basics in place, you can focus on all the tasks to develop the business.

By jewelry business on 14 August 2012

These factors are very useful for any business man because every one want to improve his self.

By ZNUKC on 8 July 2013

I was just browsing along and came upon your blog. Just wanted to say fantastic website and this post truly helped me.

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