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Share Photo Albums On Facebook

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Share Photo Albums On Facebook

Facebook has launched a new function: shared photo albums.

With the shared photo albums function on Facebook you can appoint up to 50 people o can upload a maximum of 200 photos to your album.

This is especially handy when you went to the same happening, event or vacation.

How To Share A Photo Album On Facebook?

In a new or existing photo album you click on the Make Shared Album button. After that you can choose the names of the “contributors”. You can also choose who can see the photo album: only the contributors you have chosen, or also friends of contributors or everybody..

As initiator of the shared photo album you will have the most rights. You can delete every picture, while a contributor can only delete his own pictures.

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When Will I Be Able To Share Photo Albums On Facebook?

Facebook will enroll this innovation gradually: first English speaking users. So the chance is there that you don’t find a Make Shared Album button yet, but soon you will.

Unfortunatly, shared photo albums will be only possible on personal Facebook profiles and not on Facebook fan pages.

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