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Next Generation Video Marketing

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Next Generation Video Marketing

Can it be the best solution to Growing Your Business?

Every successful business has realized that using videos on their website is an exceptional move.

Video Marketing is by far one of the best communication methods you can use to give a precise message to your target audience.  Especially for people who are busy and looking for a real human connection through your website.

Why Do You Need Video Marketing For Your Website?

Because it assembles the brand name, showcases you as an authority, puts genuine individuals behind the brand, addresses new clients, gives vital data, offers true live client testimonials, acquires new traffic, and maximize the potential of getting new deals.

And if you would like to see how you can use all this functions at one place, I would like to confidently recommend Magic Video Mail as an online marketer who uses it for several months now.

As the Marketing Director of the fastest growing Digital Media Agency in London, my team and I look at various methods to capture the online audience’s attention as quickly as they land on a website.

In this case, the Magic Video Marketing solution by Rebekka Deforce is our number one solution for us and our beloved clients around the globe.

Next Generation Video Marketing

Here I have shared some of the video marketing methods you can use to grow you Business Online:

  • Client video testimonials with genuine individuals giving their legitimate feedback regarding your products or services.  This is the social verification that will help you offer more items or services.
  • A concise video with a preface into what you and your business do. This can be a video version of your elevator pitch. A short but precise introduction.
  • A brief short video which walkthrough your visitor on your website.  Show them the page navigation so they can find what they are looking for on your site as soon as they land on your website. Also show them the contact page so they can ask questions from you or leave any feedback.
  • How to do videos. This is a great way to educate your target audience. You can show prospective clients how to use your product or you can even explain how to buy the best product based on their needs.
  • Q & A Videos (Question and Answers). Take the distinctive questions you get from your customers and online users and make a video answering all of them. This saves a lot of your time and it also shows the customer you care.

Video on your website can create your business a fabulous authority on the web, however there are some facts you should know, if you want to get the maximum impact from your video marketing investments.

So if you realize the potential of using video Marketing and would like to discuss how Next Generation Video Marketing can help you grow your business to the next level on online media channels, I highly advice you to get in touch with Rebekka Deforce

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2 thoughts on “Next Generation Video Marketing

By BARRY GREENWOOD on 19 September 2013

Hey REBEKKA!!!!!!
Hope you are well!
I so need to get a blog up and running – but as yet have not done one!
I also need to get the video up and running BUT i have started with some webcasts!!!
I have found that i can do a voice over in “i Movie (MAC) – that’s what I use – of a “still” chart
and put voice over it and save it as a mv4 file AND IT WORKED!!! – I wish I could talk to you but that maybe a big ask etc, Do you know much about webcasting etc? any way you a so fantastic with your approach Rebekka! I will remember you when I become a multi millionaire and get you to advise in Europe for my movie distrubution company ( I am writing a movie) regards Rebekka Barry

By Rebekka Deforce on 19 September 2013

Thank you Barry for your compliments 🙂

Fantastic that you got started with webcasting!
If you have any questions about web casting or screen casting you can email me or use the contact form above in the menu.

I hope I can watch your movie one day.

All the best!

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