New Ways Of Watching Television
08 september 2011 

New Ways Of Watching Television

Television is a medium that has found its spot in our living rooms and even working places and it is definitely there to stay.  It is a source of entertainment, advertising, news and for a lot of people so much more.

However, in recent years a shift is going on and you can see that our TV habits are quietly changing.

Think for instance about the digital recorders where people fast forward the commercials and watch what they want whenever they want.

Personally, I am convinced that the television world will change even more in the coming years as advertisers will find new ways to market their products and even now we can already see how new media are rising to the surface, like the internet, look at YouTube or Ustream.

The great thing that these modern times bring us is that you can now make your own television. You can record videos and place them on YouTube or you can even broadcast live with Ustream, which are both free to use. These services also give you a fantastic opportunity to market your brand or product.

Another BIG change is that the advent of digital television made so much possible and we are not longer dependent on what the cable brings us.

Also we now have plenty opportunities to watch TV or movies on our PC, Smartphone or iPad.

The internet has opened a whole new world for us and the exciting thing is that it’s still evolving.

The future of television

How the future of television will look like? I don’t have a clue, but I do know there is a way to enjoy hundreds of television channels, including international shows, sports programming and movies on your laptop or PC.

You can enjoy a wide variety of television from the convenience of your laptop or desktop and installing one of these web broadcast applications is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


TVU is a completely free software that lets you watch channels from all over the world.

I especially like to watch the old kung-fu and western movies 😉

This software is also available for your iPhone/iPad or android, I haven’t tried that out yet though. Maybe you have? Please leave a reaction to let us know what you think of it.

Click here for TVU’s MAC version.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is also completely free and offers you  a wide variety of channels as well.

I personally like this software more than TVU but it’s basically the same thing differently 🙂

Readon’s interface is simple and most of of the links function, unlike most similar programs. Highly recommended but only available for Windows.

There is also a lot of expensive software out there that promises you thousands of HD channels but do a little research before your purchase one of those because most of them don’t give you what they offer and are certainly not better than Readon or TVU.

You can connect your PC or laptop to your television, so you can still watch your big screen TV relaxed from your sofa. Check out the favorites section on our YouTube channel to find out how. Note that if you are watching streamed SD programs like these broadcasting applications, you will end up with rather poor quality. Most YouTube videos are more suitable or high quality online TV.

Online TV

A lot of websites offer TV programs, news or sports programs for free, without downloading any software. I’m sure your know your way around the web to find your local news broadcasters or your national broadcaster’s web site.

Not only news videos can be found on the web but surely also TV series, shows, reality shows, soaps and movies. One web site I like particularly is for all your good ol’ American shows and series. They give you amazing quality and a lot of choice. Some videos are only available to certain countries though. Recommended as wel is

I bet you can find a lot more of these kind of web sites, if you do, please let us know. Much appreciated!




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on 10 Sep 2011

Great post! I really only watch Discovery or NGC late at night. But I do watch series or docs on demand, so I can watch it when it fits me :). Thanks for the link, didn't know that one yet! Greets, Sander

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