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Free Editing Software

Although quality video editing software is essential – if you plan to edit videos regularly – there are a few good video editing programs to be found for absolutely nothing as in for free 😉

Maybe you don’t have the funds to invest in professional software yet or maybe you are a beginner and looking for some practice, than this could be an excellent solution for you.

Most video software brands offer a free trial of their products, you can use without charge for a month or so, but on the websites listed below you can download edit software that is totally free!

Be sure to check them out and it would be just fabulous if you would leave a comment with your experiences of the free video programs you tried or if you bump in to other some other free edit software, that is not listed below, let us know!


Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best affordable, professional video editors around , you can try it for one month for free by clicking here >> Adobe Premiere


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7 thoughts on “Free Editing Software

By Eric Verberne on 13 September 2011

Thanks for the tips of these free editing software. I have used Microsoft Movie Maker for several years now. For a novice like me in video editing this software is easy to understand and you can get nice results.

By Roy on 12 December 2011

Hi Rebekka
Great post!

By Valère Paulussen on 27 February 2012

What About IMovie in ILife 11 for Mac? Is that one suitable to begin with and go further beyond? Even for use in wp?

By Rebekka Deforce on 27 February 2012

Yes, Imovie is very suitable for beginners and basic movie editing. If you are interested in some more advanced video editing I would definitely recommend Adobe Premiere.

By Ivan Colon on 26 January 2013

Hello, Rebekka. I enjoyed a lot your editing tips. I love Magic Media Force and your articles. Surprising and fun. thanks

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