Create A Professional Facebook Page

These days, more and more companies are using a specific professional Facebook page to show off their products and services.

A great idea of course, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Personal Or Professional Facebook Page?

I see lots of companies making a personal Facebook profile on their company name. Which I personally think is a bad idea. Profile pages and Professional pages both have different options and are  designed for specific purposes.

I seldom accept new "friends" who are a company. I "like" every company my friends want me too :)

So if you want to take your company on Facebook (which I recommend to do), be sure to create a professional Facebook page.

How To Start?

To create a new Facebook page, you first will have to login with your personal account. If you don't have one, create one first. Then browse to and choose the section that fits your business.

create a professional facebook page

After that you have to choose a category, you can upload a photograph and a header and provide all the basic information.

From this moment on you can post messages from this page and even plan your message beforehand using the clock icon under the type field.

The idea is that you "invite" you friends and clients to "like" your page and of course is it also possible to promote your page or certain messages for a reasonable fee. Go to for more information.

To find your professional page back in Facebook, you can click on the arrow next to "start page" in the top right corner.

Appoint Other Administrators

It is a goodt hing to know  that you can appoint multiple administrators to manage your professional page. Maybe colleagues or friends, so they also will have the opportunity to post messages. You can do that by clicking on the "Edit page" button.

You can add one or more administrators and even appoint different rights to them.

Frequency And Content

Regarding posting messages, don't over do it. Big companies often post 1 or 2 messages a day, which I find a lot, honestly. People will tend to find it annoying and will not read the messages anymore or they will choose not to get messages from you ever again. A couple of messages a week should be more than enough.

Make sure the messages are entertaining or valuable for your costumers.

Reactions And Replies

Make sure you answer each message and each question. Even unsatisfied costumers should receive a "political correct" answer.

Think well before you delete a negative reaction. People don't appreciate censorship. I know, as I delete almost every negative comment. :)

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