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Keeping Up With New Software Versions

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Keeping Up With New Software Versions

When involved in video editing, sound production, animation or graphic design, it can be a necessity to keep up with new software versions and techniques.

Whether you are using video editing software, sound recording software, animation software, digital photo editing software or other graphics software, you will have to deal with the fact that new versions are being released faster than a fart in a windstorm.

Sometimes it can take years to master any of graphics or editing software and when you think you finally have got the hang of it, they change the whole interface or they build so many new features that you can feel like a beginner again.

If you are working professionally with graphic programs, the need or the pressure to master new versions and features or new programs will be inevitable.

When you are using software personally as a hobby or as a side project, you don’t really need to buy the latest versions. Mastering just one version can be already a huge task and as long as you can create the results that you want to achieve, I would focus on improving the skills you already have with that particular software.

Be cautious

Although it feels good though to have the newest version of every application, naturally I find it very exciting to check out new features and techniques :-), it is not always the best policy to rely on the latest software releases.

If you have a system that works, you don’t know if it will still work after the software upgrades.

It certainly won’t harm you to be a bit cautious and to wait until you are sure that there are no serious bugs or that it won’t slow down your computer.

Keep on learning

Having said that, I know that you probably like to improve yourself and your systems as much as I do and that you live to be enchanted by new interface enhancements 😉

When I want to learn new software or just want to improve my skills for some programs, I certainly like to watch online video tutorials. That way you’ll be up to date and flying in a couple of hours and no need for taking expensive lessons.

Online tutorials are a fantastic concept, especially because a lot of them are free and you can find loads of them on the web, about all different kinds of software.

There are so many tutorials and lessons to be found on YouTube and also on certain websites as for instance:

Maybe you know some other websites with great free tutorials, or maybe you have some other tips on how to improve your software skills; it would be fantastic if you want to share them with us.




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By Jonas on 30 September 2011

Oh right, in english 🙂
The most of the recordings are mostly for designers and pretty technical but great tutorials indeed…bye bye

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