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Free Sound Effects For Your Projects

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Free Sound Effects For Your Projects

Are you looking for some cool free sound effects for a PowerPoint presentation, a marketing video or any other project?

Actually many websites offer free audio. I have visited some for you.

Sound Gator

At Sound Gator  you can search for sound effects using the search field on the homepage, but you can also browse through one of the 23 categories. All sounds can be previewed. To be able to download them for free in mp3 format, however, you must register first. Sound Gator is the only site where this is required.

Sound Bible

Sound Bible distinguishes between Sound Effects and Royalty Free Sounds. Sounds from both categories can be downloaded free of charge here, but basically you should only use the royalty-free sounds for commercial purposes.

The web site allows you to search by keyword, but actual relative sections are not there. The annoying thing is that you will often receive irrelevant search results and not all the sounds can be previewed.

You can download the sounds in MP3 and a zipped wav file.


In SoundJay you can search in ten categories, but a search field is not available. Listening to mytests went very smoothly.

The audio files can be downloaded in both MP3 and in wav format.

Free Sound Effects


In Soungle I only found a search box, but no sections. You can download the audio files in wav format, but I couldn’t preview the sounds.


AudienceSounds is only limited to “human” sounds, such as laughing, sneezing, shouting, clapping, etc. You will therefore only find four sub sections. Unfortunately there is no search box to search keywords.

You can download sounds from the tab ‘Download sounds’. Strangely, I noticed that the compact MP3 files are zipped.


Find Sounds gathers audio in various formats.

Below the search box you may even specify the desired size and quality. You can’t search by name though.

Downloading files is done using the right-mouse button.

Use FindSounds to search by keyword for sounds (cannot search by theme). I found there the most relevant search results. Conveniently, you can specify the desired size and the sound quality.

Do you know any more free sound effects websites? Let us know in the comments!

Rebekka Deforce



Comment Section

4 thoughts on “Free Sound Effects For Your Projects

By Henk van der WIjk on 18 July 2013

Hey Rebekka!

Just back from holidays and the first thing you do is cranking out valuable resources to your followers. Thank you!
I really enjoyed your holiday pictures. Does spoiling your followers really beat trout fishing in France? Hard to imagine!

By Chris Rodgers on 25 July 2013

Great post Rebekka! I’m pretty out of the game on audio production these days and it’s always good to have some easy to reach resources. I’ve also heard of businesses getting sued recently for using copyrighted photos on websites, apparently this trend is picking up with some technology advances. Youtube already recognizes copyrighted music, so that tells you about the technology. Always better to go royalty free or pay!


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