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1000 Movies To Watch Online For Free

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1000 Movies To Watch Online For Free

If you are anything like me, you probably love to watch a good movie in the evening hours for some brain dead relaxation time one has to have at least twice or trice a week.

Renting out movies is so 20th century and buying DVDs or movie file apps is not quite as fun as watching your movies for free online!

Since I bought my precious Samsung 3D Smart TV, I can access YouTube and the interwebs right from my big ass TV, so no need to stay seated in my computer chair or hanging over my iPad anymore (although I still like to watch a free movie on the iPad before falling asleep..)

Anyhowz, as I’m reluctant to pay for anything that’s available for free, I have become quite an expert in finding free movies online and new ways of watching television.

No need of course to keep all my free entertainment sources for myself, so here’s a short blog post with some free online movie extravaganza!

YouTube Movie Playlists

Thousands of movies to be found on YouTube as well, but it’s not always that easy to find them.

The good news is that there are some YouTube users who like to create video playlists containing available online movies!

So here are some YouTube movie playlists you can access freely by clicking the following links:

Free movies on YouTube playlist 1

Free movies on YouTube playlist 2 (deleted)

Free movies on YouTube playlist 3

You can also download these movies to your hard disc using an online YouTube downloader.


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5 thoughts on “1000 Movies To Watch Online For Free

By Henk van der WIjk on 26 April 2013

Great resources from the always creative and innovative Rebekka!
Thank you!!

By Tamara on 19 February 2014

Thanks for the movies, i watched some of them and i can say most of them are with good quality.

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