How To Exploit Audio & Video For Your Online Business
04 oktober 2013 

How To Exploit Audio & Video For Your Online Business

How would you utilize latest online marketing techniques such as audio and video marketing for your business? This could be exceptionally successful when done right. Here are two of the best methods to utilize your online business potential with audio & video.

Online Marketing Techniques Using Video

Videos are presently showing up in the search engines like never before. Along these lines, making a video and getting it stacked up is an extremely successful online marketing technique. It’s customarily more intriguing than written content, and along these videos you could be enhanced promoting your products and services.

The easiest approach to drive traffic is to upload youre videos to YouTube. This video hosting website has the best opportunity to get stacked up as it is owned by Google. Accordingly, putting your videos on YouTube and other similar video marketing channels might be savvy.

I have tested this method with some of my new client websites, and video marketing through channels like YouTube gives a tremendous advantage in climbing up on search results.

Be sure to read this article on YouTube marketing to be certain your videos get ranked high.

Likewise, you will need to determine and tell individuals what the name of your business is and where it is spotted all through or at the close of the video. It’s pointless to have an extraordinary video assuming that you don’t push yourself with it.

An other option is to embed videos on your website using Magic Video Mail as video hoster. 

Yoast Video SEO pluginThis option has the advanage of professional looking videos on your website with only your personal branding. No related videos and outbound links to YouTube. Making use of Yoast’s Video SEO WordPress Plugin will make sure that your Magic Video Mail videos have the potential to rank  first page in the Google search results.

Clearly video is intended to attract targeted customers. Accordingly, it won’t need you to do much to rank for important keywords that are looked for by prevalent individuals in your territory.

So how would you know about what search engine friendly magic keywords to focus on with your Videos?

Clearly the newly designed Google Keyword Planner will help you amongst the most well known keywords out there.

Then again you can get expert support from a video marketing expert like Rebekka Deforce and it’s another way you can easily succeed with online business video marketing. She poses over decade of video experience and she knows what exactly needs to be said and how to succesfully apply video SEO to capture the attention of your target audience.

Furthermore remember to utilize video on your website and in your newsletters with a Next Generation Video marketing software tool like Magic Video Mail.

Video is not only handy for getting more traffic. It can additionally support your transformations when you utilize it on your website. This is because, “the words generally can’t do motion picture justice”. It’s handy for the sound-related individual, who’d rather sees and hears about your item than read it.

You can see how I have placed Rebekka’s Video Marketing tool on my online business blog to make it easy for my users to send me quick video testimonials by simply one-click recording from their PC.

Now let’s take a look at the next method to utilize your online business potential.

Online Marketing Techniques Using Teleseminars

audio and video to exploit your online business - teleseminarsThis is an alternate extraordinary “unconventional” type of showcasing. What would it be a good idea for you to incorporate on the tele-course?

Ordinarily you only need to incorporate a ton of incredible free content. At that point you can push your products and services at the close with a Call To Action.

Vishen Lakhiani used this teleseminar method to make $1 million from a website in less than 18 months.

When you do teleseminars, it shouldn’t be only one mammoth pitch for your product from start to end. Rather, you need to teach individuals. Don’t give them the entire story, yet give them enough free data to wet their appetite. Forget just enough to tell them, where they need to purchase your item to get whatever remains of the story.

A free teleseminar is still an attractive event for which people like to enroll, and because it’s an event, you might quite easaly create a “buzz”.

Remember, online video marketing and teleseminars are exceptionally underutilized showcasing methodologies, but have great potential of meeting business expectations. They make your advertising all the more intriguing and viable in modern times.

Both these techniques truly ponder to the sound-related and visually attracted web-beings. Implement them; you may as well see the change in your online business success.


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Ingrid Ferwerda-Jacobs

Ingrid Ferwerda-Jacobs

on 04 Oct 2013

I highly recommend Magic Video mail and want to Underline "This option has the advanage of professional looking videos on your website with only your personal branding. No related videos and outbound links to YouTube." When I send a video, my social media links are automatically shown, which I like very much.

Rebekka Deforce

Rebekka Deforce

on 04 Oct 2013

Thank you Ingrid once again for your recommendation! :)

Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy

on 13 Feb 2014

Online video marketing is trending and it is very effective in gaining good rankings in the SERP of the major search engines. Some quality and professional looking videos can lead your business on top position and you can attract potential customers towards your business. Videos are also very helpful in training the staff, in client communication, in corporate presentations and seminars etc. The above information which you have provided here in this post are very useful and i have enjoyed a lot while reading the whole post. Thanks a lot.

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