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5 Simple Steps To Make A Great Video Pitch

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5 Simple Steps To Make A Great Video Pitch

Lately one of my client,s wanting to contact new clients, asked me how to make a great video pitch.

So I started my quest for making a great video pitch. Not just a great video pitch but a friggin’ awesome video pitch!

Even though standing in front of the camera is something I’m starting to get used to, it’s still very scary. And so it is for most people, so no, you’re not alone!

I still find pitching one of the most frightening things, especially because I’m not quite used to it and in some ways it feels like you’re completely exposed to people’s judgment. Which you basically are, but thou shalt not care!

Perhaps you entered a contest, are trying to sell something as an online entrepreneur, or you are looking to start a crowd funding campaign. Regardless of the purpose, you will need a good video pitch to convince people of the worthiness of your cause.

A good video pitch is a beautiful thing to behold, and I found out that it takes a good deal of preparation to really nail it!

You will need to create the video itself and during the video, you’ll need to quickly and concisely address several facts that you want anyone viewing the video to know.

No matter how you choose to make your video, you must let your viewers know precisely who you are, what you are standing for (are you solving a problem, making something new, selling something etc.), who benefits from your action, and how you propose to make it happen.

In essence, you are going to tell your audience why they should care in the first place. 5 simple steps to make a great video pitch

To effectively communicate this point, you must construct your pitch in a certain way. You must communicate simply and directly.

There is no need to use overly eloquent language or complex jargon. Simply address the facts and also humor, YES HUMOR is definitely allowed a must!

Keep your video short enough, please, do stay under 2 minutes (preferably less). Don’t steal people’s time by talking slowly and uhm-ing all over the place. So keep it short and worth watching.

Finally, make sure you avoid distracting your viewers through nervous hand gestures or wearing overly complex clothing or jewelry.

By creating a great video pitch and appealing to your viewers directly, you will be able to effectively sell any idea.

Now all you have to do is get out there and make the video!

This is maybe one of the greatest video pitches I have ever seen,
although I would have made it shorter.

But Hey, How Do I Create That Awesome Video Pitch?

That’s what you like to know, huh?

Step one: Create A Headline

The headline is the most important message of your pitch. Ask yourself: “What is the single most important thing I want my viewer to know about my… (Product, service, brand, idea). Very Important: Make sure your headline fits in a Twitter post – no more than 140 characters. If it is longer than 140 characters, try to rephrase it or come up with something else.

Step 2: 3 Major benefits

As our mind can only process about 3 pieces of information at a time in short-term memory, outline the 3 most important benefits of your product or service. People always want to know, what’s in it for me? So make clear in what ways your product or service will majorly benefit the viewer, how it will bring value to them or make their life easier.

Don’t waste time with summing up all the features, only benefits will do.

Step 3: Prove it!

Reinforce the 3 benefits with short stories, examples, statistics and if possible people’s testimonials.

Step 4: Love What You’re Doing

If you are enthusiastic and passionate enough about your product or service, it will shine through in your video pitch and people will relate to that. If necessary you can choose to drink a Red Bull before you start recording or even better, plan a workout before.

Step 5: Call To Action

Close with a simple but massive Call to Action. What do you want your viewer to do next? Just say or ask it so your viewer has a clear idea on what to do next.

Aha! Don’t forget to introduce yourself before you start, otherwise it would be kind of weird. If you know who specifically will watch your video pitch, use their name. So start with: “Hi Bill, I’m…”

It’s a good trick to attract somebody’s attention right away.

You can try Magic Video Mail’s online video recorder to create your awesome video pitches or use any ol’ camcorder you have at hand.

Please post your witty comments below.

Rebekka Deforce

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32 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps To Make A Great Video Pitch

By Nathan Gotch on 2 September 2013

Rebekka this is awesome! I’m pitching to many businesses right now and have always wanted to use a video presentation. This is a perfect guideline I can follow 🙂

Thank you!

– Gotch

By Rebekka Deforce on 3 September 2013

Thank you Nathan for your comment.
I’m very glad I can be of some help for your video presentation.

By Ingrid on 3 September 2013

Awesome! As Always!
I can recommend Rebekka’s video service “Magic Video Mail” personally.
Find it out for yourself people 🙂

By Henk van der Wijk on 3 September 2013

Rebekka knows what she’s talking about!
Thank you for the five very clear “how to” action steps and the amazing video that shows it all.

By Joseph Michael on 15 September 2013

Perfect timing as I’m just getting ready to create a video pitch for my upcoming Scrivener course. Thanks for the great tips as always!

By Leo Pineda on 10 April 2016

Great Rebekka, these 5 simple steps will be very useful for creating our Video Pitch for Impac Hub ¡

By Rebekka Deforce on 9 February 2017

Glad they are useful to you Leo!

By John A on 27 February 2017

Great Stuff Rebekka D! We will Definitely utilize this info for our next sales videos in the future. 🙂

By Michael B. on 21 April 2016

Great Stuff Rebekka! Definitely going to utilize this info our next sales video. Cheers!

By Rebekka Deforce on 9 February 2017

Thank you Michael!

By Charles Atkin on 24 August 2016

Simple and awesome steps are share by you
Thank You

By Rebekka Deforce on 9 February 2017

Thank you Charles!

By Sean Wright on 6 December 2016

Wow, I’m glad I stumbled into this. I love the straight forward actionable advice. This is definitely something we are going to take into consideration when we are developing our next sales video.

By Joseph Sebastian on 20 January 2017

Hi Rebekka,
Very helpful information for video presentation, well explained with simple easy to follow steps.
Thanks again,

By Rebekka Deforce on 9 February 2017

Thank you Joseph! Glad you like it!

By Justin Murray on 3 February 2017

Awesome article, very comprehensive and helpful. I’m excited to launch videos for my marketing firm. FYI you’re image is broken on this article.

By Rebekka Deforce on 9 February 2017

Thank you Justin for your feedback! I’ll fix the image 🙂

By Andrew Johnson on 17 May 2017

Video marketing is so important these days — this content is STILL relevant!

By Ilori Oluwasegun Moses on 6 April 2018

Many Thanks

By Brian W. on 11 April 2018

As someone who is just starting to get into video marketing for my brand, I’m glad I found this. I’m definitely utilizing these tips. Much appreciated!

By Allison O. on 30 July 2018

Thanks for the actionable tips Rebekkah. I appreciate it anytime an article writer provides information that is actionable vs. not practical generic blog posts.

By Taylor Johnson on 18 September 2018

Thank you for putting this together! We use video pitches regularly with our company as well… But we really appreciate all the info you put out on how to make a REALLY GOOD PITCH! Thank you!

By Roman G on 19 March 2019

Great Stuff Rebekka! For sure going to implement this information for our next sales video. thanks!

By Shayna on 13 April 2019

The attributes will work as a means of allowing
someone to see what is happening and to try one’s hand out in any respect
of the activities.

By Edith on 28 June 2019

Wow, Rebecca! Your video pitch is just what I need for a pitching competition in 3 weeks. I can’t thank you enough. I hope to win some funding for my innovative food product.

By Brady McCall on 25 February 2020

The “Love What You’re Doing” part is crucial! Clients can feel apathy, so if you’re not excited, they won’t be either.

By Doris on 25 April 2020

Thank you Rebecca, this is a life saver or should i call it a business saver….I have been thinking about how to make a video pitch for a competition and this just came through

By Vuyo Sambu on 10 February 2021

Great tips Rebecca. Thank you so much. This is helpful. Will also share with others who might require this information. God bless you.

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