Will Facebook Become A Search Engine?
13 februari 2013 

Will Facebook Become A Search Engine?

As I don’t spend enough precious time on Facebook already… Facebook recently launched something new in the U.S: The search function Graph Search.

What does this mean for you and how can you already prepare your company profile page?

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Graph Search is actually a search engine within Facebook with as specific function being  a search engine capable of finding friends and contacts based on their profiles and interests.

Hooray! – not really, but for company profiles this can get quite interesting.

This new search function will be found at the top of all Facebook pages. This will enable you to check which particular sports someone in your friends list does or whether he or she likes to go out for dinner or speaks a foreign language.

Moreover this new feature can also be used for general questions like: “Where can I find a good seafood restaurant at the coast area?” for which the answer is based on the restaurant visits within your circle of friends.

Facebook Graph Search will only search for information through your friends if they have given their consent to share their profile information of course.

But obviously there is a commercial side to it all.

Facebook can, for example, sell information about search terms to advertisers so they will have more targeted data for their advertising campaigns.

Anticipating Already

This new feature is currently being tested by a group of American users. However, at this point they haven’t released a date yet for when it will be opened up for the rest of us facebookers.

You will have a better start at it when you implement the necessary preparations for this already. Because, when The Graph Search becomes a hit with Facebook users, your company will have to deal with it as well and adapt to it. Like it or not.

How? You already know that getting to the top of Google results is very essential for a company. If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you will need to score high in the Graph Search as well.

With this search function it’s all about what friends like. So in order to appear in the Graph Search, your business will have to be linked to as many Facebook users as you can.

An Example: as a restaurant owner, you have a Facebook page for your business. When that page gets ‘liked’ by a couple of someone’s friends, then your restaurant will possibly be shown when this person uses the Graph Search looking for a good restaurant to eat. In this way you can (probably) attract new customers.

In short, make sure your page has as many fans as you can, for example through targeted (advertising) campaigns.

More Than A Like

Involvement of users on your Facebook page can go beyond just a click or the “Like” button. When you encourage them to share your page or posts with their friends, the chances are much higher to get high up in the search results of the Graph Search.

As a restaurant owner, for instance, you can encourage your customers to not only Like your Facebook page but you can also post a picture of their lunch on your page and ask them to share it with their friends. You could also consider then giving them a reward, like a discount or a free cup of coffee.

 Tip: According to Facebook it is important to have all the information on your page continuously and completely updated – such as name, description, category, location and phone numbers.

Do you think these changes will enhance our Facebook experience?

Please let me know your thoughts on this one.



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